Berger Décor Trends

 Keep up with the latest décor trends from the Middle East and around the world.

The Year Ahead in Colour

From deep Marsala to a bright orange, here are the hottest (and coolest) colours that can transform your home in 2015.

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Create a metallic or glaze feature wall

Here's how you can highlight your wall with  abstract finishes from Royale Play Glaze or  Metallic Glaze.

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Decoding colour trends

What makes some colours hot, and some not? Our colour expert looks at how trends are shaped.

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Décor Trends You Need to Know

Here’s a round-up of the décor looks, styles, elements, and ideas that we think you will see a lot more of in 2015.

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Trending Now: Desert Inspired Décor Themes

The desert has shaped the world outside our doors - why not bring that same majestic beauty indoors? Desert inspired décor celebrates the force of nature that has shaped our landscape and our lifestyle. Desert colours, textures and patterns are distinctive – they are untamed and majestic. Here a…

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Desert Inspired Decor
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